SMEs Struggle

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) struggle with business expansion and big market entry

      • Limited Internal Expertise
      • No Effective Strategic Planning
      • Resource Constraints
      • Market Entry and Expansion
      • Operational Inefficiency
      • Marketing and Branding
      • Human Resources – Training & Development
      • Adapting to Change

Frequent Problems

Static Point

When handed single-handedly, either the leaders continue to struggle with all these or decide to hold on the expansion for sometime.

Branding & Marketing

The quality of products and services has got greater visibility but the brand has not grown enough and the sales revenue is not properly streamlined.


When the ownership and management is not distributed, the owner of the business does the heavy lifting single-handedly leading to more problems than solutions.

Fear of Expansion

When there are opportunities for growth in the form of expansion, it has it’s own sour spot of expansion of problems due to unorganised operational procedure.

Sales & Revenue

When there are lots of opportunities for growth, development and expansion, there is a great miss on Sales and Revenue as been pulled down by operational burden.

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